At Jordan we aim to challenge ourselves to implement sustainable solutions into all aspects of our business. As such, circular economy is a term we have discussed. You may have heard the phrase before, or you may be wondering what exactly circular economy is. Circular economy is about creating a system where materials and products are kept in use, thus eliminating waste and pollution (1).

From linear to circular economy

We currently live in a world that is organised around a linear economy. This means that we take materials, make products and then we dispose of those products. In the long run this mentality is not sustainable. However, the process of change has already begun. By implementing recycling initiatives all over the globe we have taken a step towards a more circular economy. Recycled material can be used to make excellent high-quality products, when treated correctly. Keeping materials within the system instead of creating new materials will help reduce waste and pollution (1).

Maintain, Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle

By maintaining materials and later, reusing, refurbishing and recycling, the material is kept within a loop (2). There are many initiatives aimed towards making these four practices common. Some examples are various recycling programs started by certain clothing companies and packaging free grocery stores which encourage the use of reusable packaging. Such initiatives help us move closer to having a circular economy. Further, they help protect our valuable natural resources.

What are we at Jordan doing?

In order for this change to happen everyone has a role to play. At Jordan we aim to continue providing more sustainable solutions. Through our Green Clean Range, we have used both recycled plastic and cardboard. However, we want to challenge ourselves further. Starting in 2020, we are adding recycled plastic into several of our other product lines, such as Expert White toothbrushes. Thus, helping to keep materials in the system for longer by using recycled materials.


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