Next time when someone tells you they’re scared of seeing the dentist, don’t laugh it off. It could be a real case of dental anxiety and dental phobia, which isn’t uncommon. Did you know that 15% of Americans avoid seeing dentists as a result of this fear? That’s nearly almost 40 million people!  Worry not, here are some tips to prepare yourself and tide you through some tense moments.

Tip 1: Tell someone you trust

The best way to start getting over your fear of the dentist is to admit it by talking about it with someone you trust. That someone can be a family member or a close friend who is encouraging and helps to calm you in times of anxiety.

Tip 2: Do your research

If you are concerned about certain dental treatments, do look up relevant professional dental care websites to get educated on the real facts. Your fear will only intensify if you are relying on third party stories or scary experiences that might not even relate to what you are going through. Try not to make yourself more anxious than you should be.

Tip 3: Set aside a day to go to the dentist

Take a day off from work if you are planning to see the dentist. This way, when you visit the dentist, you’re not already stressed from work or anything else going on in your day. The extra anxiety could heighten your stress and fear at the dentist’s office.

Tip 4: Speak to your dentist

It’s very important that you let the dentist know if you’re feeling anxious or nervous. Don’t neglect those feelings because you feel embarrassed about your fear, it’s completely normal to feel that way! Dentists have plenty of experience with anxious patients, and they’ll be able to help you relax and feel as comfortable as possible before your treatment even begins.

Tip 5: Don’t go alone

Always remember, stress and anxiety are valid feelings, but don’t let them stop you from having oral conditions because health is wealth. So if it makes you feel better to go with someone you can trust for your dental appointment, reach out and don’t go alone.